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Business Case for Investment Business Case for Investment Learning Team A has been assigned to put together research, facts, and supporting documentation for how an organization should consider, plan for, and implement new technology within the business. The paper will examine different technologies that are available to existing businesses and whether it is worth the effort, time, planning, training, and mostly importantly cost, for the organization to implement any of these new technologies. The assignment will consists of four major parts; prototyping environments and processes, testing design to include procedures and standards, sources of accessibility, and integration. A business case for investment will be made in favor…show more content…
The pre-processing module consists of geometrical properties and from there move on to computer-aided drafting, or CAD repair, boundary, or physical property. If CAD repair is needed, then mesh is the next step followed by domain. The computing module consists of numerical values which then lead to solid mechanics, CFD module, or other domain solvers. The post-processing module consists of visualization, data analysis, and performance analysis. Last, platform control consists of PC’s or workstations, SMP and MPP, cluster computers, and grids. All of this information is gathered from the user’s perspective (Zheng, Xie, Zou, Chen, & Zhang, 2010). HEDP is a great asset to help reduce the confusion and complexity of design, through utilization of 3D virtual prototypes, all while making the most of and distinguishing between the designs through large-scale multifaceted simulations. This is a crucial element to have, as this type of prototyping can have the ability to avoid the production of expensive physical prototypes (Zheng, Xie, Zou, Chen, & Zhang, 2010). Testing Design to Include Procedures and Standards A business case is a document prepared when stating to undertake a project in an organization. This document is prepared for the purpose of ensuring that resources and efforts used support a specific project to meet the organizational need. An organization for example can prepare a business case in technology

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