Business Case of Csr

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(course: Business in Sustainable society) assignment 2
Business case of CSR

On the tracking thread toward understanding the concept and aspects of a sustainable business in this course, the inclusive wide concept of corporate social responsibility is an key approach which feeds sustainable development pattern. This paper aims to look at the CSR concept in relation to business case issue and argue the business case of CSR in different positive or negative perspectives.

Reflection on business case of CSR
Social corporate responsibility is the fashion of business world for the recent decade. Increasingly companies are getting involved with CSR and try to regulate themselves to the ethical standards and care
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Today a big part of customer satisfaction is depending on values which company stands for; and businesses are changing in to values-based business. In a values- based business, values which are co created among CSR, drive the sustain competition for the company in the market. (Enquist et al. 2008) (Edvardson & Enquist 2008) for a company wanting to get financial profits through values, a new strategy should be applied to enjoy the benefits of CSR value making. and CSR would be a part of the business model being integrated with the business strategy. Corporate responsibility is better understood as one dimension of corporate strategy (Enqusit et al. 2008) with this approach CSR is not only charity rather a part of the business model for a values-based business. But even “philanthropy is still a competitive advantage when it is in a proactive way”. (Edvardson & Enquist 2008) companies these days embed their CSR experiences and reports as a highlighted means for advertisement and creating a good image of themselves in public even though sometimes image making of CSR is being missused and companies reputations are not always on the basis of true CRM practices.
There is no dispute that CSR is accepted as a potential means to help today companies with customers concerning ethical and environmental issues to get competitive advantage, but there is not any prove that always ethical values leads to financial profits. Different
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