Business Casual Dress Code Of The Workplace

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Business casual dress code in the workplace is becoming increasingly standard. The effect on job performance has not been made aware of whether casual dress has any effect at all. There are benefits to wearing casual clothing in the workplace, such as good morale, open communication between managers and employees, and a lack of cost to the employer (Gutierrez & Freese, 1999, p. 35-36). It all depends on the companies you work for and what they consider as business casual or if they meet with the public on a daily basis will affect the dress code. Culture also plays a big factor in the dress code at the companies. A dress code policy that may demand business attire may affect the company especially if you are in an industry that has a casual dress code. An employee should be able to come off as a professional without having to dress like one” (McPherson, 1997, p. 146). Business casual dress code should be the norm for all organizations because it shows balance as a company as well as setting certain guidelines to know what is appropriate for work. Also, it is based on the nature of the business that you are in and this determines the norm for the organizations. The trend of the casual dress has diverse origins. It is easy to dress men on business casual, but women are more complicated when it comes to what women prefer as business casual wear. If a business casual dress code exists, employees will appreciate knowing the expectations from the company. Employees

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