Business Challenges : Sustainability Is More Than Corporate Social Responsibility

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Business Challenges related to Sustainability:
Sustainability is more than corporate social responsibility. It is a challenge to companies, how they grow and make more profit without harming the environment, society and efficiencies of the employees.
When it comes to sustainability issues then Stakeholders are centre of discussion. Businesses face challenges in terms of political environment, ethical, cultural, economic issues. Companies have to design their long term business strategies keeping in mind the best interest of the stakeholders such as customers, employees, government, suppliers, etc. and still with the motives to make profits.
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HR implications sustainability challenges:
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Lawson laid stress on diversifying its workforce. It moved to hiring more people with varied experiences than the traditional approach of hiring school leavers for customer facing-positions. This was a result of the knowhow that recruitment needed to be realigned as scarcer face to face customer interactions meant that customers had to be won online in the first encounter itself. ‘Employee involvement and autonomy’ was increasingly emphasized. In-house and certified training activities were practised to reap competitive advantage. Epstein (2007) suggested that CIOs of ecommerce firms need to be compensated as member of senior management team to signal the importance of the IT function and the firm’s commitment towards it. He indicated that compensating ecommerce managers as traditional managers fail to create necessary incentives for success. Even performance measurement practises should not be simply extended to an ecommerce venture and should be extensively customized.
Business Challenges related to Globalization:
Kailash and Dikshith add business challenges here

HR implications Globalization challenges:
Kailash and Dikshith add business challenges here

Business challenges of Technology:
Businesses are competing with each other with technical advances in day to day operations. Use of technology in managing human resource is a very common phenomenon. Administrative tasks which were
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