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Contents 1. Terms of Reference 2 2. Procedures 2 .1 Internet 2 2.2 Case study for JoC 2 2.3 Library 2 3. Findings 3 3.1 Background of Joy of Chocolate 3 3.2 CG’s current organisational structure 3 3.3 Proposed structure for JoC 3 3.3.1 Functional and lateral relationships within the proposed structure 3 3.3.2 Line of Authority within the proposed structure 3 3.4 Relationship between Contingency theory and the merged organisation 3 4. Conclusion 4 5. Recommendations 5 Appendices Section 9 Appendix 1 10 Appendix 2 11 1. Terms of Reference Fiona Balloch requested the report to be generated to provide information on the structure of Joy of Chocolate and CG Chocolates. The purpose of the…show more content…
She hired people she had previously worked with before and people she met at training before setting up. She also went into partnership with another business owner a while after she set up her current business. Charlie Large Agreed to merge with her and set up other organisations within Newcastle and Stirling. 3.2 CG’s current organisational structure CG’s organisational structure is a simple structure. This is due to the smaller number of staff who work for Suzy Campbell it could be amended after the business has been up and running for a while. 3.3 Proposed structure for JoC A proposed structure for Joy of Chocolate could be a mixed structure of geographical and functional structure; this is because the businesses have all merged together between Stirling, Newcastle. They know what the local customers are looking for and are able to provide the right services. It also keeps transport costs to a minimal and saves people the problems of travelling to get to certain shops. With the help of Suzy’s team she will be able to focus more on new strategies and have more time to travel to each business to see how they are progressing, Hafiz and Leon are both within the management team and look after different problems which arise in each business they also look after the other staff to make sure they

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