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M1 Business Communication INTRODUCTION In P1 I talked about types of communications used by Asda and these are Verbal, written, on- screen. In this task I am going to show you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of communication referring it to my chosen company and that is Asda. ADVANTAGES OF VERBAL/ORAL Oral communication or speech is often the preferred medium to exchange information in in informal situations since it provides a number of immediate benefits when attempting to pitch proposals and ideas. * It’s easier to communicate verbally than any other way because you get to understand every detail that is being spoken by the other person. In Asda customers communicate with the staff members this is an advantage…show more content…
* Advantage of written communication is that there is a lesser chance for the message to be misunderstood, e.g. if Asda wants to explain something or give instruction in the letter there will be lesser chance for the message to be misunderstood because there will be instruction and the letter will be written properly. * Written communication is good for complicated and vital instructions, which can be given in a precise and uniform manner. * It assists in proper delegation of responsibilities. While in case of oral communication, it is impossible to fix and delegate responsibilities on the grounds of speech as it can be taken back by the speaker or he may refuse to acknowledge. DISADVANTAGES OF WRITTEN * The disadvantage of this is that written communication does not save upon the costs. It costs huge in terms of stationery and the manpower employed in writing/typing and making the leaflets. * The disadvantage of written is for example if Asda sends letter, memos or emails people may not always read them. * Another disadvantage of written communication is that it does not answer questions and there is no immediate feedback. So therefore if Asda sends Letter they cannot have immediate feedback because it

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