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Office Memo: Contrast between Theoretical Concept and Actual Practice ------------------------------------------------- Business Communication & English ------------------------------------------------- Course Code: F-101 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Office Memo: Contrast between Theoretical Concept and Actual Practice ------------------------------------------------- Submitted To: Ms. Pallabi Siddiqua Lecturer Department of Finance ------------------------------------------------- University of Dhaka ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Submitted By: Group No. 1 | Md.…show more content…
And memo is one of the tools used for precise and distortion free communication. The topic of our report is “Office Memo: Contrast between Theoretical Concept and Actual Practice”. In this report, we showed the differences as well as the similarities between theoretical concept and actual practice. At first, we gathered theoretical knowledge about the office memo such as- its layout and functions from several books. Than, we entered into the practical field and collected two samples of office memo and information about its functions from two renowned organizations. This organizations are- 1. Sonali Bank Limited 2. Social Islami Bank Limited After that, we analyzed both theoretical knowledge and practical information about memo and contrasted between the two. We mainly focused on the layout of memo, but also illustrated functions of memo. In case of Sonali Bank Limited, we found that more elaborate layout of memo are used in communication. This layout is different in many ways from the theory such as- ornamental language is used. But the layout of the memo used by Social Islami Bank is close to the theory to an extent. But in this organization, memo is used for functions that are different from the theoretical ones. In our research, we found that every organization does not necessarily follow the theoretical concept in case of forming and using memo.
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