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Audience Analysis Paper


Katrice Bottoms

October 28, 2010

Prof. Stella Kalfas

Audience Analysis

Communication in the business world must be effective for a company to strive in a competitive

market. Miller Company has called an in person meeting with a group of stakeholders including

managers, salespeople, and customers to discuss quarterly sales information. To communicate

effectively with the internal and external audience’s, an audience analysis must be done to capture the

audience attention. This paper will analyze the characteristics of the audience, the proper

communication channels, the diversity of the audience to ensure the message is effective. The speaker

must be able to
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A speaker should also use a non verbal channel keeping eye to eye contact with the

Audience’s demonstrates confidence, written communication such as a print out of the quarter sales.

Along with the presentation this can give the audience various ways to view the quarterly sales. The

print out will include the quarterly sales along with positive and negative numbers and a way to

improve the sales. As the speaker talks face –to- face to the audience, customers, managers and

salespeople can follow along either on the printout or the presentation while applying feedback as


When dealing with a diverse audience such as the quarterly meeting audience, the speaker must be aware that all members are different. Managers, salespeople, and customers will have their own issues and feedback. The speaker must be able to always give straight-forward answers. The speaker must be prepared to speak to everyone in the meeting, not just to a certain group. Preparation for speaking to a diverse audience must be taken seriously. If the speaker does not address all members of the group, the meeting will be a disaster. One must realize that although the quarterly sales may be positive, preparation for the unforeseen must be practiced. The speaker must always be prepared for questions that he or she may not have the answer. In this case, a general knowledge preparation
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