Business Communication : Personal And Job Related Situations

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Favian Ortega
CLO1 Mastery Assignment
San Joaquin Valley College

Business communication is essential to personal and job related situations. Think about how much people use communication in their lives, through verbal, non-verbal, and by listening to others. Effective communication skills are vital to build successful relationships with friends, family, and employers. Both the speaker and the listener share responsibility of making the message clear, but effective communication is more than speech and hearing. Body language, tone of voice, word choice, message clarification and communication style all come into play, and can make the difference between success and failure in our interactions with others. The industry I plan to
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Effective listening skills are vital to professional business communication. Learning reflective listening skills are the main ingredients for healthy communication. This type of communication requires an attitude of total acceptance. Respecting what your employer shares without judgment will encourage them to confide in you. People at times allow personal feelings to cloud their judgement when it comes to listening to others. This can cause your demeanor to change and come off as aggressive. For example, folded arms or pointed fingers communicate a need to control and could give a wrong impression. Here are some great techniques to help establish better listening skills. First, people should establish eye contact with whom they’re talking to. Second, a calm tone of voice is important especially when people hear something that shocks them, this is crucial to conveying the total acceptance of that person’s feelings. Third, body language projects whether people accept or reject what is being said. Our body should be relaxed with unfolded arms and hands, and retaining a smile. Effective listening sometimes requires a person to be silent and just be listening ear. Certain customer service skills are necessary when communicating over the telephone or other digital devices. Talking with a person on the phone can often be a difficult. Without seeing an individual’s face, messages can become muddled and meanings
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