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Intercultural Communication Apprehension and Emotional Intelligence in Higher Education: Preparing Business Students for Career Success

Lisa T. Fall, Stephanie Kelly, Patrick MacDonald, Charles Primm and Whitney Holmes Business Communication Quarterly 2013 76: 412 originally published online 18 September 2013
DOI: 10.1177/1080569913501861

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The danger is that intercultural contact without intercultural communication training may encourage prejudices and stereotypes among university students interacting with students from other cultures. This danger was explored by Spencer-Rodgers and McGovern (2002) who reported that U.S.-born university stu-dents felt negative prejudice toward foreign students, including feeling “uncomfort-able, impatient, and frustrated when encountering communication difficulties with the international students on their campuses” (p. 623). Increased amounts of intercultural contact alone did not work to reduce these negative feelings.

Given the globalized economy in which business students will soon be immersed, intercultural communication training is essential. The purpose of this article is to examine individuals’ apprehension prompted by intercultural communication and the relationship it may have with their emotional intelligence. The hope is to identifying a potential cognitive tool (emotional intelligence) through which students can manage intercultural communication apprehension.

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural interactions are becoming increasingly more important within the work-force of multinational organizations as well as for the international student bodies represented among modern higher education facilities (Durant & Shepherd,
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