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Business Communication Assignment Routine e-mail To: District Management Team WW Distribution From: Tom Frankenstock Subject: Channel Management Platform Development Team, Our much-discussed Partner Relationship Management (PRM) system and supporting platform are now ready for roll-out to our channel partners, retailers, support centers and alliance partners globally. Our PRM system will enable our entire sell network to accomplish the following tasks they had relied on our inside sales teams to complete before. We're expecting the phone calls will be reduced by 65% the first six months of implementation, freeing up inside sales to concentrate on new opportunities. The following are the key features of our new PRM system: Real-time pricing and availability queries for any product, any customer, in any region on a 24/7 basis. Support for online order status management and order re-scheduling and cancellation. This is the single biggest time-waster for our inside sales teams today as the majority of their calls are from our sales network, inquiring about when an order will ship, and if they can reschedule it. Returns and Exchanges. The Return Machine Authorization (RMA) process is the most time-consuming of any in the call center today. Automating this will reduce the time drain on our internal staff by at least 35% alone according to our internal estimates. Please make time to attend training for the new PRM systems as soon as your calendar allows for, as
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