Business Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends Simone N. Gary COM/285 August 30, 2010 Gary Smith Business Communication Trends Communication plays a very important role in an organization. In fact, it is said to be the life wire of the organization. Nothing in the universe, human or otherwise, that does not communicate; though the means of communication may be very different. Communication is an essential component for a business to be successful. “Without a good line of communication mistakes will be made that could cost the company wasted time, wasted effort, lost goodwill, and legal issues” (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). New discoveries within the technological world are made every day. These changes are causing businesses to upgrade…show more content…
It says what it intended via written and unwritten means, either planned or impromptu. Planning, organizing, coordinating, budgeting, monitoring, controlling, staffing, delegation; and including marketing, production, financing, staffing (human resource managing), research and development, purchasing, selling, could not be well coordinated and harnessed and their goals achieved without communication. By using these types of communication within a business, you know how to stay on track with what lies ahead. Business communications play a major role in a corporation's day-to-day activities such as checking emails and corresponding to any important messages. Research may be required for customer inquiries that need additional information. The majority of the workday is spent on the telephone talking to clients. Many times, people in sales departments are multi-tasking, sending the clients information they requested via email while still having a telephone conversation with them. Some recent trends in business communications is the use of communication management systems. The message from these new communication trends is that companies are always seeking more effective ways to communicate and get their message across to customers. Enhanced communication means increased sales and productivity. All of this in the long run is meant to increase the company's profits. This is the
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