Business Communication Trends

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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION TRENDS More often than not, business depends on communication. A good communication trend enhances understanding in businesses. People must communicate to plan products and services; hire, train, and motivate workers; coordinate manufacturing and delivery; persuade customers to buy; and bill them for the sale. In every organization, communication is the way people get their points across and get work done. Business communication helps organizations and the people in them achieve their goals in a realistic manner. As it stands, business communication, is a day to day activity that ensures that information flows efficiently and effectively from top of the leadership hierarchy to the bottom and vise versa…show more content…
Poorly written documents frequently cycle to other people for help. Effort wasting occurs when messages don’t get results. A receiver who has to guess what the sender means may guess wrong and a reader who finds a letter or memo unconvincing or insulting simply won’t do what the message asks. All in all, it is realized that poor communication costs more than good communication and for that matter; people should always try their level best to ensure good communication flow. The trends affecting business and administrative communication in most workplaces are technology changes, including information overload and data security versus privacy; a focus on quality and customers’ needs; entrepreneurship; teamwork; diversity; globalization and outsourcing; legal and ethical concerns; balancing work and family; job flexibility; and the rapid rate of change. When we look at technology, we realize that different forms of media are encompassing all parts of life and even the business world is not an exception in this technological era. It continually embraces all forms that help increase productivity and save money. Technology advancements provide instant communication with the click of a button. Moreover, technology makes communications across the globe seem much closer. The message types that result from technology as a
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