Business Communication Trends

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Business Communication Trends Eddie L Kemp XCOM/285 Version May 11, 2013 Scymentress Williams Business Communication Trends According to University of Phoenix Business Communication Management and Success (2008), “Good business communication is about sharing information in ways that are useful to your co-workers, business partners”, and clients a-like! It plays in a merit of ways in my day to day work activities. It is becoming ever increasingly more difficult to communicate especially people in my generation. I am a child of the 60’s and I would dare say that a good deal of my generation does not necessarily see the need to keep up with technology as far as communication go’s. It is demonstrated every day in cellphone and…show more content…
I mentioned earlier I upgraded my computer and cellphone to make it easier for me to complete my assignments at the university of phoenix online. Because of the latest software I do not have to type or print as much as I have in the past with the new talk to text features. If I have forgotten to mention something at work I can just e-mail it or text it. The downside the lines are blurred when it comes to off duty when are you actually off the clock if you’re not in the salaried position and even if you are when is your time yours, eventually these issues will have to be worked out. A few trends that I have seen in the workplace, just two years ago we used at a computer hooked up to the HQ mainframe computer continuously throughout the day this would this would print reams and reams of paper and periodically someone come and pull a piece off and read a report or something. That has been replaced, now key personnel have their own personalized emails (E-mail addresses is now your name) saves time and money. We have also incorporated hand held three way communication systems, e.g. Talk to text email. Message types much less personable, instantaneous messaging, the lines of work time and off time are being blurred. You have less time for self and family when it comes to business communication. Will there be any separation between work and personal time in the future… References University of Phoenix. (2008). Business Communication
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