Business Communication and Critical Thinking: A Report

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Running Head: Business Communication and Critical Thinking Business Communication and Critical Thinking Example 1 A talented and hardworking employee "A", who by his immense efforts has succeeded to increase the sales percentage of the organization only in a year, expects of a promotion to a higher rank upon his current work performance. His expectations badly suffer when he finds out that the owners are working on a completely contrary plan. They are looking to hire someone for the position "A" was hoping to work in the near future. Eventually, the company hires "B" as the new employee to work on that position. "A" feels betrayed and thinks that he should look for better career opportunities than to waste his time and efforts for an organization where his managers are not acknowledging his talent and the work he has done to bring progress to the firm (Mary Ellen Guffey, 2010). Though the owners had been doing some deliberations and had better plans for "A", they could not communicate a clear message to "A" as to why they never considered promoting him to that position. Keeping in mind his skills and efforts the owners of the organization considered "A" to work side by side with the top management, as he is quite capable to make decisions himself. However, A receives a better job opportunity, within a month resigns from his current job and begins to work for another organization. The scenario could be different, had the top management taken account of their non-verbal
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