Business Communication in Spain

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Business communication is essential in the business world; it may be the key to success. These skills and tools should be learned and taken into practice in the business field. Due to the expanding businesses in today’s world, whether it’s to reduce their cost, or for expansion, many companies have taken their business abroad. Although many or all of us are familiar with America’s way of handling any business issues, it is also necessary that we are aware of other countries’ business communication and etiquettes. Spain is a country that has many important facts and business etiquettes that need to be considered when doing business in Spain. The main fact that should be known is that the predominant language spoken in Spain which is…show more content…
Spaniards usually don’t follow times or schedules. In one of the books the author writes “Although you should be punctual yourself, keep in mind that “el tiempo is como el espacio” in Spain- or, “time is space””. (Sabath 217) Spaniards are not extremely concerned with punctuality. It’s expected to wait for some of the meeting members to arrive around 15 to 30 minutes late. Decisions are not usually made in the business meetings; it is mainly for discussions and exchange of ideas. Dinners are usually more sociable and there is not much business talk; if there is any business talk it should only be done if the Spanish host initiates it. The business conversations usually take place during lunch meetings around two in the afternoon. Meetings that are held during dinner are usually held after nine. This is due to the fact that most places have siestas (break period in which restaurants and stores close for a few hours) and they reopen late in the afternoon. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the siesta and be ready for the late night meetings. If you are the one hosting a meeting dinner and would like to bring your spouse, you should expand the invitations to the Spaniard’s contact’s spouse. Besides being able to communicate verbally with the Spaniards, it is also important to understand their non verbal communications. Body
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