Business Concept Of Indian Grocery Store Essay

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Business concept of Indian grocery store: Basically this this is the idea about the business such as product, service, growth and the things which help to get advantages from the business. We are going to delve about the Indian grocery store. So it is an obvious that the concept of grocery store will have the product ( grocery item) we are talking about the Indian grocery store so product will have the Indian spices and all that stuff import from India. And the planning like how we going to serve our product to the customer and what the special thing we should have in our store. Developed the business vision, Mission, goals and objective: Vision is like to identify the main aim like what we need for the growth of the particular business. By this thing wee can get an idea about the business need. All of the grocery store have almost one mission that how to attract the customer because after all every business depend on sale and sales can by only customer. Now moving toward the goal what should be the goal of grocery store? Every grocery store need only one thing that sale and that is the main goal of every business. Now question is what is the objective? The objective is the planning of the business and all thing we need to run the business. Legal structure, highlighted the importance of the key contributing service and location: the legal structure of the Indian grocery store include the information about the share, tender and how the tax going to pay. Talking
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