Business Concept Of The Caravan Cafe Essay

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1. EXECUTIVE SUMARY This study search out the issues of great interest and affection of coffee gourmet towards the students in the University of Mindanao, Tagum City Philippines and hospital staffs and other people in the Medical Mission Group Hospital Tagum City Philippines. A helpful way to come through towards target market’s needed and demands. Caravan café will make itself as classic coffee store where main targets enjoy the aroma of coffee while spending their time in a cool and very relaxing place with comfortable tables and chairs doing their assignments, projects, reports and other things.


2.1 OVERVIEW Being the first mobile café in Tagum City Philippines, equipped with a coffee machine and vending food products like pastries could be an enjoyable and amazing experience to everyone. The insufficiency of services and too little time in working will give the potential and strength to be in action on a 24/7 resting place, where the caravan café will run the business inside the school campus between 7am to 6:30pm and continue to operate in the Hospital from 7pm to 6:30am. Target market will surely experience the atmospheric ambiance and enjoy the good quality of the coffee and pastries.

• To provide the most refreshing and provocative mobile café experience by establishing a relaxed space for outstanding quality coffee to be consumed and to create unforgettable moments. VISION
• To knit positive

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