Business Continuity And Asset Protection

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MODULE 6 - ASSIGNMENT ENVM 662: Business Continuity and Asset Protection Module 6: Developing and Implementing the Business Continuity Plan Each question or subpart is worth 10 points. Score will be recorded as a percent. Provide appropriate references for all source materials. 1. Identify information needed for the development of a Business Continuity Plan for the University of Findlay. - For the development of business continuity plan for the University of Findlay they must be provide excellent educational knowledge with good academic environment, it is the principle priority. - Academic continuity and recovery plan should be developed and individuals should be charged enough to implement the plans. - Academic training is very…show more content…
Exercise the plan and modify it accordingly: Training and exercising should be conducted in a continuous cycle to maintain knowledge of the plan among organization staff. Ongoing, necessary improvements to the plan from lessons learned should be made to ensure that it will support maintenance of essential services during an emergency or disaster. Identify and prioritize essential services. A critical step in BCP is identifying the essential services each department/area of your organization needs to maintain during an emergency or disaster, and the supporting processes, applications, interdependencies, etc. That need to be maintained to support these essential services. 3. Describe the “Emergency Management” concept and the roles played by the BC Teams which support it. List four BC Teams and their responsibilities in a university “Emergency Management” application. Emergency Management: Concept Emergency Management is designing a systematic plan to prevent the occurrence of any disaster or to cope with it in case of occurrence. For example, each of the country faces some risks in the form of earthquake, floods, electrical shock, financial crunch, recession or terrorist attack. In order to prevent such risks or to cope with it, they prepare a systematic plan. This is called as emergency management. Earthquake prone areas have wooden houses, refrigerators, Television and wooden

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