Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

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This chapter began with the evaluation of several disaster that has wreaked havoc in many way to nations and which consequently had rendered many businesses inoperable and many lives unbalanced. This chapter described how flood, fires, terrorists’ attacks, tornadoes, and vandalism among others had taken its toll in destroying many businesses. Since businesses depend on people, systems and many other resources for its daily activities and functionality, any disruption of services will definitely affect the health of such business. If a business went down more than expected time as a result of any of the above mentioned disaster, this chapter indicated that it could result to the death of such business forever. Invariably, this chapter advised that companies should plan for disaster in order to heighten their chances of getting back to business as soon as possible after a disaster hit the company.
This chapter, however, discussed about business continuity and disaster recovery. This chapter defined business continuity as a process of making sure that company are brought back to life in a situation where there is a long-term outage as a result of disaster. Business continuity involve methods, processes, and procedure that facilitate continuous performance of business of an organization that just experienced a disaster. The business continuity management, according to this chapter ensure that all resources that is required to keep business moving even after disaster is kept…
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