Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Essay

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Business continuity and disaster recovery are not new concepts to organizations (Snedaker, 2007), BCP and DRP are most need for any organization but the act of consciously planning and getting ready for potential issues certainly has been underscored by disastrous occasions in the past decade including quakes, tornados, and terrorist assaults. Organizations need to get ready for potential disasters that will affect their capability to continue operations and procure income. Without any plan to quickly recover from any disaster or occasion, regardless of how huge or little, many organizations fail. According to Snedaker, “The odds are between 40% and 50% that a company will fail after a fire or significant data loss, and shocking fact is that only 6% of companies survive long-term after a major incident” (2007). These statistics speaks for themselves showing the need of BCP and DRP. Always looks for three core components of organizations when you are building up a continuity and disaster recovery plan and they are: people, procedure, and technology. When you take a holistic view of the organization and its operations through the viewpoint of these three components, you’re more likely to comprehend the best way to your own unique BC/DR planning procedure. Individuals, procedure, and innovation must be considered in an incorporated and comprehensive way since they are tied together. Through your BC/DR planning procedure, you may discover additional loopholes about your
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