Business Continuity Plan For A Business

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Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is made in order to continue business operation when the business site is adversely affected by some natural calamities like flood, storm, earthquake, fire, communication failure or by some terrorist attacks and crimes. This plan explains the measures taken by the organization to recover its business operation or operation transferred to another business site. Business continuity plans are made to recover from both short term and long term disasters.
Plan Purpose: The purpose of the BCP plan is to recover from any disaster and bringing the business operation back to normal as quickly as possible. Employee’s security is also the purpose of BCP.
Plan objective: The objective of a plan is identifying the risks, providing a plan which helps in maintaining and restoring business operating during the time of crisis, and also creating a communication plan so communication with key people can be done during the crisis period.
Plan Scope: Scope of business continuity plan means to address the departments of operations and site locations. The company has to prioritize the departments who are more critical and during crisis period, operation can be moved to a safe location.
Plan Scenarios Address: Scenarios should be addressed in effective Business Continuity plan like in the case of electric power failure use of emergency generator, if the work is affected by the flood then provide a work from home option, if the building is destroyed by…
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