Business Continuity Plan Essay

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Introduction: DLIS has decided to develop a business continuity plan (BCP) with the full support of management. Instructions: DLIS business continuity plan will come into effect as soon as all elements meet specific guide lines and have been tested. Scope: DLIS will build and maintain a business continuity plan to insure operations will continue in the event of a single point of failure. Objective: DLIS has a warm site located 50 miles from the head quarter office ready to conduct business with a fully mirrored system and minimum staffing available in case of an unplanned interruption or disaster should occur. System Description and Architecture: The BCP for DLIS will identify critical business functions…show more content…
Modifications to any part of the plan will be updated immediately and made aware to all personnel involved. * Test individual steps within each phase of the BCP * Changes to the IT infrastructure * Test all recovery plans * Locate and test alternative resources Outside Support: DLIS Telecommunication support will be available with a backup ISP provider at the head quarter facility and the offsite facility. Internet Service Providers (ISP) will insure communication to personnel and customers continuously in the event of a disruption or disaster. * ISP * WAN * VPN * WI-FI Backup Plans: DLIS has decided to upgrade the offsite facility with a five terabyte RAID 5 server that is capable of holding a copy of all data with live backups. In the event of a failure at headquarters operations will continue to proceed without any interruptions through an encrypted virtual private network. * Electronic Vaulting * Remote Journaling Recovery Procedures Valuable assets, including network connectivity, stored data, processes and procedures, and client information can survive centralized disruption or destruction and can be revived quickly through the agency’s
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