Business Continuity Planning And Disaster Recovery

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Business continuity Planning and Disaster recovery: For any Organization to survive on log run, executives must give priority to Disaster recovery (DR) and Business continuity (BC) plan during budget allocations and never see a payback from those investments. Disasters won 't happen daily, they rarely occur. But when it happens and if the company doesn 't have a Plan or mechanism to fast recover, then that company loses its customer to its competitors. Business continuity plan includes steps company must take to minimize the service outages. Organizations must have a system in place to minimize the unplanned downtime. After Y2K crisis, companies added Business continuity plan part of corporate IT planning. In most cases, idle solution is…show more content…
Incident response occurs during the incident, however, disaster recover occurs after the incident has taken place (Whitman & Mattord, 2012). Adequately preparing for disasters would help in fast recovery. For example, fire is a catastrophic disaster, so backups should be at off-site location to minimize the damage caused to clients, employees, stakeholders and investors. Disaster recovery plan must be developed and implemented with top down support across all departments in an organization. Every department in an organization must contribute to the disaster plan. IT team should write the disaster plan because they have a deep insight into the company wide business process. IT department is in the unique position of understanding of the daily operations of each department, as well as constant communication with leads within those each department. Without a cross departmental participation it is impossible to put out a proper plan. The disaster plan should include more possible scenarios because the cause of disaster is more. The following are considered as disasters in the typical organization: 1) Employee fraud 2) Stolen laptop 3) Fire 4) Terrorist attacks To effectively face the disaster the disaster plan should be distributed across an organization because everyone knows their role within the plan. Roles must be revised and Plans should be rehearsed periodically. Network Security
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