Business Continuity Planning

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Continuity Planning Over the last several years, business continuity planning has become an essential tool that is used to help firms prepare for different contingencies and account for uncertainty. During this process, there is a focus on the effects it will have, in the form of a business impact analysis (BIA). To fully understand how this is influencing organizations requires carefully focusing on: the methods for establishing component priorities, determining reliance / dependencies and providing recommendations for the development of the plan. Together, these elements will highlight the most important aspects which should be taken into account. Describe the methods for establishing component priorities Establishing component priorities is an essential ingredient in determining how effective an organization will be in dealing with critical challenges and the way it adapts to them. To achieve these objectives, there is a focus on several different areas to include: business functions / processes, BIA scenarios / components, the financial / service resources which are not available and recovery time frameworks. These areas are important in creating specific criterion. That will help an organization to determine its underlying needs and how to critically address different challenges. (Hildes, 2002) Business functions and processes Business functions and processes are when the firm will look at critical weaknesses and objectively decide if there are areas that could
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