Business Continuity Plans And The Disaster Recovery Plan

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Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
Paul D. Singleton Jr.
March 11, 2015
ISSC481: IT Security: Planning and Policy
Karen Paullet
American Public University

Business Continuity Plans (BCP) The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) are twin resources derived to preserve vital organization operations when facing an unsuspecting disaster. A disaster can be either natural or man-made. Natural disasters include floods, fires, earthquakes, and lightning strikes. Some of the more common man-made disasters are acts of terrorism, thefts, office violence, and sabotage. However, for business any action that stops or reduces productivity, it is conceived as being a disaster. For example if you are an
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They established the Interagency Paper on Sound Practices on September 5, 2002 “to Strengthen the Resilience of the U.S. Financial System…and described a series of sound practices that were identified by industry participants during a series of interviews and meetings with the agencies” (“Interagency Paper,” 2003). BCP has evolved to where it’s used for regaining normal operations in a timely manner and meeting compliance requirements. Business Continuity Planning Management may have differing guidelines for building a plan, depending on the business sector. However, many are using the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks (NFPA) 1600 as the bases for building a BCP plan. The guideline includes ten essential elements that include: Program Initiation & Management, Risk Evaluation & Control, Business Impact Analysis, Business Continuity Strategies, Emergency Response & Operations, Business Continuity Plan, Awareness & Training, Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Audit & Maintenance, Crisis Communications, and Coordinate with External Agencies. According to Clas (2008), “Going through the emergency preparedness and business continuity planning process is an extensive undertaking for most business. When done correctly, it is a quantifiable, sound investment” (para, 22). Business Continuity Plan falls in middle of these elements and is an integral key to emergency preparedness
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