Business Continuity Research

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Business Continuity Research Research methods should contain research questions and hypothesis, present a research design, discuss participants, instruments used, the procedure, a data analysis plan, and the sample size justification (Anon., n.d.). The research design methods should be discussed, such as whether it was quantitative, qualitative, or mixed. The quantitative method assesses the participant responses on a measure. The qualitative method is a semi-structured interview that gets transcribed. The mixed method is a mix of the quantitative and the qualitative methods. Discussion of the participants should discuss the sample of the population, how they were selected, why they were selected, and the method used to select them. The instruments used in the study should be discussed, what types of instruments, the scales and subscales, how the scales are computed, and the reliability and validity of those scales. There should also be reference to the researchers that designed the scales that were used in the study. The procedure, explaining how the instruments should be used, should be discussed in detail where the reader understands every step of the process. The data analysis plan should discuss how the data was analyzed, including statistical tests, statistical assumptions of those tests, and the justification for the statistical tests. The sample size justification should be based on criteria of the power selected, .80 for example, the alpha level, .05 for
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