Business Control Mechanisms

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Control Mechanisms
Control mechanisms are ways for businesses to have measures of control over their business environment. Controls are implemented in organizations to give guidance and keep the organization focused. McDonald’s, one of the most successful fast food organizations in the world uses multiple control mechanisms to ensure the individual success of their franchise restaurants. Some of the controls that McDonald’s uses include bureaucratic, market, product, and architectural control. The implementation of these controls has both positive and negative effects on the organization.
Bureaucratic control is a system by which management uses rules and regulations to control performance. Some of the things that can be controlled in
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The positive reactions of the controls from corporate are having control, consistency, and location, location, location. Because of the research corporate does, which they do a lot of there is a better chance of success for each restaurant. The reason for this is that what the Corporation looks for is the location which will end up making it right from the beginning. For the franchisee the positive aspect is that corporate has done all the homework. By them doing their homework it has benefited them every time. They do not have to worry about the quality of supplies, or about the shipping process. The reason for this is that again all the work has been done for them. Being a franchisee owner has its benefits because they end up just walking in and running the business, but it also has its negatives, the franchisee needs to do the hiring and training that need to be done. Also they are at the mercy of the corporation looking at all the things that the franchisee owner is doing, in other words the feeling that big brother is watching over your shoulder. Also as a franchisee they tend to ignore many of the suggestions that are given by the corporation which sometimes gets them in a bit of trouble.
Control mechanisms indeed give organizations measures of positive control over processes, employees, and, hopefully, outcome. On the other hand, control mechanisms also have affects on

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