Business Controlled Assessment At Afro Caribbean Hair Styles

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Business Controlled Assessment

For my controlled assessment I have investigated an entrepreneur named, Asaya Marks, who owns a small multi-purpose business called Asaya Hardware and Asaya Beauty Box which changed on July 5th 2014 from Causeway £ Saver. The business is both a hardware store and a beauty salon, the beauty salon specialising in Afro-Caribbean hair styles. For the controlled assessment I will be doing task 3, which states: Which of the qualities shown by an entrepreneur has most contributed to the success of their business?

In response to this task I found a mixture of desk and field research; desk research expressing various opinions of entrepreneurial skills, field research being questionnaires and feedback forms expressing the entrepreneur, the staff and some customer’s views.

From Appendix 1 I have become more aware of the importance of planning within a business- it allows an entrepreneur to decide their desired outcome for the business. Planning with consistency is also important (Appendix 4) as it leads to a more success and stability for the business; Asaya Marks does this by using forecasts often when planning which may lead to a more organised method of planning. Asaya Marks’ business benefits from planning as she can be more prepared for circumstances such as an increase in supply and demand in which she could have already planned a way to purchase goods from a different seller at short notice.

As an entrepreneur Asaya Marks uses planning to…
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