Essay on Business Cornerstone Legacy Assignment

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1. What’s the issue at hand (question at issue)? The issue at hand which is stated in the writing’s thesis is “I think legacies do deserve extra attention from the admissions office”. 2. Is it significant? Yes, this issue affects all current and future students and applicants to Cromwell, and could influence the entire scholarly community. 3. a. List the claims being made (you need to find 6 + claims) 1] Legacy applicants are more likely to do well when they get to Cromwell because they understand what college is all about. 2] Legacies know the old traditions and have a stronger feeling of school pride. 3] Legacies probably have higher retention rates. 4] If your parents…show more content…
3] Legacies have higher retention rates. 6. Is the language that is being used loaded or slanted in any way? (at least 3 +) 1] I know a lot of people who whine and complain about the children of alumni having an easier time getting into Cromwell than other applicants. 2] They feel committed to Cromwell because of their family connection to it, so they won’t want to do anything to jeopardize their success here. 3] I think the people who complain about legacy admissions are jealous and mean –spirited. They need to calm down. 7. Are there any logical fallacies (pp. 394-397) in the argument? (you need to find at least 6+ fallacies). You need to identify which sentences in the story are fallacies and specify which fallacy (or fallacies) they violate. For example: “If we cut down on the number of legacy admissions, what would happen to the college budget? We might not even be able to keep things running!” Slippery Slope 1] “Legacy applicants are more likely to do well when they get to Cromwell, because they understand what college is all about.”- Circular Reasoning Hope is essentially saying “legacies deserve it more because they understand it more, and they understand it more because they are legacies. 2] ”They probably have higher retention rates, because legacies won’t want to transfer to other schools.”- Non-Sequitur There is no link between the two thoughts ‘they have higher retention rates’ and ‘they won’t want to
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