Business Culture and Strategy

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Report for Business Cultural & Strategy of
J D Wetherspoon company

I. Introduction 2
II. Discussion 2
Section 1 External Environment 2
SPELT analysis 2
SWOT analysis 4
The management use on how to conduct a SWOT analysis 5
Section 2 Organization culture 6
Business culture: shared values & taken for granted assumption 6
Four types for organization culture 7
Culture influences organization behavior 8
Another organization culture for J D Wetherspoon 9
Section 3 Business Strategy 9
Business strategy definition and types 10
Business strategy for J D Wetherspoon and
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In 2004, the pubs reduce the amount of alcohol in its cocktail pitchers and create the new product which is beverage with alcohol. This is a better way to developing the pubs well (Quain, 2009).
2. Using a SWOT analysis to explain the relationship between JD Wetherspoon and the environment it is facing during the early years of the 21st century.
 People are its best asset
The flexible training and the high treatment for stuff is also provide many opportunities so that they are build a sense of loyalty (Wetherspoon, 2009).
 The better product quality
The pubs of J D Wetherspoon sell a wide range of real ale beers at relatively low price and good quality wine. This is achieved the customer satisfaction (Wetherspoon, 2009).
 Single product can not satisfied more customer
The pubs only offer the drink and beverage, but the other pubs have some list for breakfast or dinner. Then many customers had to choice the other pubs (Wetherspoon, 2009).
 No music and no TV show
JD Wetherspoon pubs did not show World Cup football and sales suffered as a result in 2002. And there are also no music player be offered. This situation leads to many customers choice the other pubs (Wetherspoon, 2009).
 Merge the Lloyds pubs and acquire their management advantage
In 2000, it acquire the Lloyds pub chain consisting of 10 pubs so that the JD Wetherspoon acquire many different menu from
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