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Business Customs Paper
County: Brazil When conducting business in Brazil, there is a lot to know about how this country interprets gestures, how they perceive Americans and the best ways to conduct business that will impress them. There are some formalities and policies we may not be aware of in the US. They are important to know in order to conduct successful business in Brazil. Relationship building is key, along with formal attitude and attire and always showing professionalism. Brazil is quite different from the US, so remembering and practicing all of the following will help to insure your business will be successful in Brazil.

One important aspect to understand when conducting business with Brazil
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Brazil’s Culture is that they diverse Latin American. Their main influences come from Portugal since they have strong Portuguese colonial ties with the Portuguese Empire. This has influenced Brazil’s language, religion, laws and other cultural traditions. (Waldo’s Travels) In Portugal, the family is the basis for Portuguese stability and extended family is very close. They are loyal to their family and believe family comes first. The Portuguese are very conservative and use extreme politeness when dealing with others in order to maintain formality. Their appearance is very important from their own clothes to their cities. The Portuguese respect hierarchy and the catholic religion and family play a roll in this hierarchy. In business terms, the power and authority resides with only one individual. This individual usually makes their decisions without considering their subordinates. (Kwintessential) Brazil shares not only some of the same culture as Portugal, but also some of the same views concerning appearance and business. Concerning appearance in the business world, Brazil views three piece suits as executive attire and two piece suits as suits for office workers. Women should always have their nails manicured and always be dressed conservatively. The colors of the flag should never be worn. It is common to touch hands and elbows, but considered rude to give the “ok”

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