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1. Business and Product Description Cameco (Acquirer) Businese Overview * One of the largest uranium exploration and process for nuclear plants * Production and distribution of components of nuclear reactors and unique alloy products (Mlb) * Proven and Probable 465 * M&I 244 * Inferred 287 * 2012 Production 21.9 * Fuel Service * Cameco is a major supplier of Uranium processing service, offering fuel refining, coversion, manufacturing and generation of uranium concentrate and sales of conversion. * Electricity (Generation and Sale of Electricity) * 31.6% in BruceBruce Power Limited Partnership (South Ontario) * Uranium segment carries about 66.61% of the…show more content…
In the process of selection, Paladin came into sight with two reasons. First, as a uranium company, Paladin holds sizeable reserves with high expected production growth rate and therefore fit Cameco’s growth strategy. Second, Paladin is currently deeply undervalued. Combined with the bullish expectation about the future of uranium industry, making a bid for Paladin now is consistent with Cameco’s acquisition strategy to undertake an acquisition at the right time and the right price. Paladin Energy Ltd (PDN) (Target) Businese Overview Its main business activities engage in acquisition, exploration, evaluation, development and operation of uranium * Uranium Production * Namibia & Malawi projects (Major projects) Aurora Project etc (Developing) * Reserves (Mlb) * M&I 378.07 * 2012 Production 6.9 * Inferred 150.7 Namibian project * Stage 2 construction has completed, which increased its production from 2.6 Mlb to 3.7Mlb. * The commencing stage 3 construction would raise its production of 3.7Mlb to 5.2Mlb. * Completion of stage 4 construction by 2014 would bring up to 10Mlb U3O8 production. * This segment takes about 65.39% of total annual revenue (2011 figure). Kayelekera Mine * The first commercial mining venture for Malawi, where has accounted for around 34.61% of the total revenue of PDN (2011 figure). * PDN holds the Kayelekera Mine licence. Paladin’s
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