Business Description Of Aberdeen Student Accommodation Services ( Asas )

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Business Description

We are Aberdeen Student Accommodation Services (ASAS), a modern letting agency providing services at no extra costs for students in Aberdeen who wishes to rent a private accommodation. Our broad register of properties in ownership of private landlords covers every needs of students from modern flats to large houses available for both long or short term lease. Through personal meetings ASAS ensures that every requirements of students are noted to make their wish come true in a way that every deal is also beneficial for the other range of our customers, private landlords. Our service is designed to be multi-lingual to enable us to provide services for overseas students who wish to continue their studies in Aberdeen. As usually students from abroad coming with absolutely no knowledge about the system of property letting, therefore our services is designed to cater a step-by-step guide throu the entire process including explanation of legal jargons and local information which enables the students to bring a decision most appropriate for their lives. This saves lot of time for busy students as they can find everything they need in one place. We believe that, arriving focused and relaxed to a viewing is a crucial aspect of the process. Therefore, ASAS brought out a chauffeur service so students do not have to worry about how to get there to viewings, which is also a proof for landlords as this ensures that everything goes smooth. Further, to provide…

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