Business Description: Steps to Building an Organizational Culture

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The business being proposed is a new web development company that services other businesses by providing website templates, custom website layouts, and monthly website maintenance, at the discretion of the client. Although the company will be focused on providing layouts for other businesses, it will not turn down a client looking to create a personal website. This, however, will be less often than a business client will be. The company will be a new start up in the industry. It will mainly service the Sacramento, California region; however, due to the nature of the Internet, clients from other geographical locations may also be pursued. The business will be a partnership, in that a designer and programmer will be the owner’s of the company. This will provide stability to the company, as well as giving each owner a specific task to focus on. Involving partners that have differing strengths allows for greater success, as well as better designs and more thoughtful programming. Due to the limited costs involving start up of the company, it is in its best interest to assume that the company will be a general partnership, in that both owners share responsibilities in operation of the business, as well as any liabilities that come with owning the business. This reduces the workload for either partner, as well as increases the customer satisfaction for the reason that there will be a dedicated programmer, as well as designer focused on creating efficient and aesthetically
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