Business Development Companies ( Bdcs )

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What Are BDCs?
Business Development Companies (BDCs) were created in 1980 to provide loans and aid to small and mid-sized businesses finance their prospective enterprises. According to the Small Business Administration, small business entities employ 50% of the private workforce space. financing, through loans for small and medium-sized companies raises business capital for retail investors who own shares. Prior to the existence of BDCs, the ability for smaller companies to raise capital were minimal. With the emergence of BDCs, small businesses, which are the backbone of the economy, are offered loans and incentives to promote growth, which in turn stimulates a strong market.

Why Makes BDC Different From Traditional Closed-End Funds?
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Because there are fewer lenders in this investment market, these investments can earn higher yields for smaller businesses. The debt is less liquid but the protections and regulations that are standard in these loans offer a lower risk. Investors who wish to diversify their interest rate of exposure enjoy a certain about of lower risk, higher yields, since BDCs portfolios carry fixed interest rates and floating-rate securities. The industry average of floating rate securities is roughly 60% of total assets, invest in them almost exclusively. These BDCs are lending at rates that will increase when short-term interest rates climb, so they stand to profit from a rising rate environment. So in terms of net of returns, the dividend yields for BDCs are most often greater than traditional closed-end funds.

And Furthermore
Capital Structure In fulfilling their objective of providing capital to small and medium-sized US businesses, BDCs can invest in a number of different types of securities, along a spectrum of investments that includes debt and equity. This spectrum is known as a business’s capital structure. Typically, a BDC will invest primarily in one area of the capital structure, and so be identified as a debt BDC or an equity BDC. Understanding the types of securities a BDC is purchasing will help you and your advisor more accurately assess the risk profile of the investment and the yield it has the potential to
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