Business Development of Interclean-Envirotech in Puerto Rico

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In order to succeed in this complex endeavor, it is necessary for the firm to develop and implement a complex and multifaceted strategy involving elements such as the analysis of the local market place, the identification (and elimination) of any barriers, the hiring of staffs, the training of staffs, their remuneration, the pursuit of customers and so on.
The previously mentioned strategies are all integrated within the overall organizational effort, yet they require specific and individual attention. At this level then, more emphasis would be placed on the development and implementation of strategies aimed to support the career development of the employees, as well as the creation of a compensation plan to be presented to the staff members in Puerto Rico.
At the level of career development, these measures are necessary to ensure the company hires and retains the best skilled and qualified staff members, but also that these staffs are motivated and driven in their career pursuit. The support for career development on the part of the employer generates employee loyalty, which in turn materializes in lower rates of employee turnover.
In the provision of career development opportunities,…

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