Business Emphasis Of Br Guest Hospitality Inc.

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1. BR Guest Business Emphasis BR Guest Hospitality Inc. is a restaurant group founded by Steve Hanson in 1987. It is a private company based in NYC but in the last 10 years has expanded in other states and it is known for its success in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Florida. The hospitality group currently counts 16 restaurants in NYC offering a diverse cuisine such as Italian, American, Spanish and Mediterranean. In 2006 the company’ sales reached 125 million, but in 2012 experienced a 9% decrease in food sales leading to the closure of three restaurants in the city Primehouse, Kibo and Wildwood. The company employees more than 800 workers in NYC and it’s concentration strategy is focused in increasing the market share while reducing…show more content…
As the number of customers decreased and the food sales experienced a significant drop at the second quarter of 2015, the HR Director believed that a new training program is needed not only to generate better income, but also to train employees in sales skills and increase motivation which can lead to a higher retention rate. The new CEO in collaboration with the director of the HR Judy Brown decided to develop a new training program. 2. Needs Assessment A needs assessment is a process to determine if the training program is necessary to conduct and if a designing plan can be completed in order to ensure that employees have the motivation to learn by working in a positive a learning environment, where they can transfer the knowledge acquired by choosing the best training technique. It is believed that the training offered by the HR Department is not sufficient and BR Guest management team failed to train new employees adequately in various positions like assistant managers, bussers, servers, hostess, or the kitchen staff. New employees undergo training for only one day, while the next day they are required to start their new position without having any additional informal or formal training. Servers or assistant managers who have direct contact with customers and play a direct role in
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