Business Engagement, Project Delivery And Service Delivery

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Chief Information Officer (CIO) is a person who is in charge of all IT related operations in a company or an organisation. They deal with various aspect of IT as well as business of a company. The job role of a CIO has been adapting through out the last decade and continues to adapt. The main function of a CIO is to look over the business engagement, project delivery and service delivery. A company should consider adding a CIO to their board. They have valuable job such as keeping an organisation up to date with technology but only if it helps the business. Keeping up date with technology is very important for any business. If there was new software that does much better job that the current software does than it needs to be updated but…show more content…
They have to forecast how technology will change their competition, how their business competitors will use technology to give them an edge over them and come up with a plan or a project idea that will help business delivery their service or products. As a member of the board a CIO can bring these issues to the board and convince them that they need to come up with new strategy and solutions to any relevant issue. If there is a new application that is much better that the one they are using now and it can change how they delivery services or products which will increase their revenue and sell more products that this need to be a priority for the company. A CIO needs to manage aligning IT projects with business priorities. IT department and the business department need to be communication effectively to achieve a common goal. Both IT and business needs to be involved in a project throughout the life cycle. IT needs to be listing to the feedback they get from business and work on how to improve the problems they are facing and business needs to give a clear requirement for the project and be realistic about the requirements. A CIO needs to be able to understand the business strategy, business problems, understand how business is using IT and give productive solutions for the problems using IT while keeping business strategy in mind. Making sure that business partners have the knowledge and understand what
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