Business Enterprise And Its Internal Environment

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INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS Know a leading Business Enterprise and its Internal Environment Executive Summary This assignment looks at Capital One at its Internal Environment level. This level mainly concentrates on the companies value system, practices and policies. Capital One’s value system is extremely integral to the running of the business, as these values guide the company on every aspect of decision-making. The company has well defined laid down guidelines, policies and practices that ensure that all stakeholders (employees, management, Board of Directors and even third party providers) follow the values in every action. The company has been able to generate a strong brand association with its values and they have in turn…show more content…
Along with maintaining a holistic and nurturing culture in the organization it is one of the top performers in the credit and debit industry. It has shown positive growth in its financials and maintained stability in the stock market. Though the company has not outperformed its industry trend, it has outperformed the markets. The company is able to well only because it has a very capable management at the helm. Under the leadership of its founding member, Richard D. Fairbanks, the company has created a culture which is a strong reflection of the founder’s own style. The key executives and members of the board are people from the industry who have come from high positions in credible firms and with a vast gamut of relevant experience. This not only indicates that the company is in good hands but also adds credibility to the company as a whole. Quick Overview Type Public Industry Financial services Traded as NYSE: COP S&P 500 Component Founder Richard Fairbank Nigel Morris Headquarters Tysons Corner, Virginia, United States Products offered Retail banking Credit card services Loans Savings accounts Divisions Auto finance CapitalOne 360 National direct bank Level money Revenue Net Income US $ 24.176 billion US $4.156 billion Numbers of employees 41,100 Website Capital One is one of United States top 10 largest banks based on
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