Business Enterprise Task 2 Opportunity Analysis

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Business Enterprise Task 2 Opportunity Analysis
By Peter Murtagh and Joe Curran

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We have come up with an idea for an app that is very scarce on the market. The idea is to create an app that will allow different estate agents to display their properties that they have on their online websites, on our app. In the following assignment we describe the opportunity analysis. This is looking at the opportunity in terms of the market, the competition, the target market, the extent of demand and the industry.

1. Market opportunity
The idea that we are going to propose is an app to gather all information the user inserts about properties for sale by other estate agents. We feel that is a need in the market because there isn’t any other form of app across the various markets that try’s to do what we are proposing. We found the idea by looking through newspapers and noticing that the estate agents had websites but no mention of apps. We decided to look into the aspect of a property app. There was very few if any and therefore went forth with the proposal of creating our property app. We see that this type of app has tried to be tested. The Belfast Telegraph has attempted this approach to creating an app. They have named theirs “Property news”. However they have not used it to its full potential as they have only included it on the apple store. In doing this they have left out the android and windows markets and there for them users too.

2. Explain the proposed…

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