Business Enterprise and Innovation in Thailand

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Innovation in Thailand Abstract The following ages focus on analyzing the innovation process in Thailand. The Introduction reveals the points of view that this paper intends to address. This is followed by a section that describes important issues about the business environment in Thailand, in order to understand the factors that affect companies' activity in this country. The Innovation process in Thailand presents some of the most important characteristics of the Thai innovation process. The Recommendations section describes important factors that companies that want to invest in the Thai innovation process must take into consideration. The Conclusions section presents some of the most important issues addressed by the paper. Introduction The business environment that is significantly influence by the process of globalization determines companies to develop different types of strategies that allow them to create competitive advantage. Some of them focus on reducing the prices of their products. This objective is usually reached by addressing the outsourcing strategy of some of their processes. This helps them reduce production costs, which leads to reduced prices of these companies' products and services. This allows companies that use outsourcing to increase their market share. Other companies prefer to focus on strategies based on differentiation in order to create competitive advantage. In such cases, companies study their competitors and determine what types

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