Business Enterprise that Would Meet the Needs of the Target Market within the Academy

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Business Enterprise that Would Meet the Needs of the Target Market within the Academy

The aim of the coursework is to identify, explain and evaluate a business opportunity that could take place within the West London Academy. My coursework will include a business plan. I must use ICT as much as possible, e.g. Excel for results, internet for research, Word for the business plan and questionnaires, Publisher for example flyers and business cards etc.

What I am going to do:

* Identify a business opportunity through research

* Identify my target market

* Explain, analyse and evaluate my strategy for the business idea through a business plan.

1. Find about the market
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Position Held: Executive Director

Market Analysis

Target Market: My target market is anyone in the school, because my product is for all ages that attend the school.

Competition: the school canteen and a couple of shops outside school.


Description: I will be selling a variety of different snacks

Comparison of quality to the competition: I will be selling brand named products such as Coca Cola and Walkers crisps.

Marketing Strategy

Pricing Policy: Competitive and discrimination.

How will you sell your products: I will sell my products one at a table with my products be there and receiving money and then handing over the product.

Ownership ---------

The type of ownership for the business will be a partnership. This is the most obvious choice as there are two people involved, my business partner and me. A partnership can involve between two and twenty partners allowing for further expansion and more financial backing if needed. The partnership would be owned in a ratio of 60:40, me owning 60%. This means we would share the cash input and profits and losses in this ratio, which is bad in the short-term for me, but hopefully good in the long-term. A partnership brings
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