Business Environment : A Successful By Building Support

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Change management is defined as “the application of a systematic approach to helping individuals affected by the “change” to be successful by building support , addressing resistance and developing the required knowledge and ability to implement the change which is managing the “people’s side of the change”. Heatway proceeds to a radical change in its business process of operations which is a risky adventure whereas other companies have preferred to adopt partial or incremental change in order to minimize any potential undesirable circumstances on the organization and jeopardize its reputation mainly that is is a multinational Company dealing in various products . (

Question 1 Answer:
The business environment is ever changing and business organizations in order to survive in the market shall cope and adapt its activities to any changes in the environmental factors which directly affect and impact the business, its processes and its plans which shall be changed as the business environment changes, shall be in keeping with the changes and the requirements of each change whether the change is optional or mandatory. Moreover, the change is required, it can be either gradual and proportional or systematic or radical. Partial change is a prudent strategy but radical change is a risky adventure for many reasons as can be examined in the following case study subject of this assignment.
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