Business Environment : A Successful By Building Support

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Change management is defined as “the application of a systematic approach to helping individuals affected by the “change” to be successful by building support , addressing resistance and developing the required knowledge and ability to implement the change which is managing the “people’s side of the change”. Heatway proceeds to a radical change in its business process of operations which is a risky adventure whereas other companies have preferred to adopt partial or incremental change in order to minimize any potential undesirable circumstances on the organization and jeopardize its reputation mainly that is is a multinational Company dealing in various products . (…show more content…
The design is a whole business process which includes all sides of the manufacture of the products from the design of the components to be used in the products, their usefulness, their shape and performance to serve the objectives such products are launched in the market in accordance with the needs and expectations of customers. The implementation of the new process is targeted at the management of the supply and purchase channels more efficiently in face of competitors.
The first radical upright change started at the level of the top management of the corporate management but this change is not really a deep change as the top leaders, the CEO, the Chairman and the president exchanged functions at the team of the expected change and all of them are dotted with the required skills and abilities to carry out the change. It was a kind of shuffle, a sort of re-distribution of the key positions at the top of the pyramid of the organization presided by Bob Hemphill .Salada remained a Chairman, but only a new CEO was appointed from the defense industry and this implies more rigidity and more tougher discipline in the supervisorship of the implementation of the new process of operation
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