Business Environment Implementation Of Security And Risk Management Issues

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The research methodology is discussed in this chapter and research questions as formulated in the introduction chapter are discussed against the data that has been made available in the sample used for the study. Cloud computing is the latest in information technology and the sophistication of the technology appears to be advancing every six months, keeping up with the cloud technology and the different types of clouds that have emerged within the technology to suit different types of business environment have also increased the security risks as the intruders and penetrators are equally knowledgeable about technology.
Exploration methodology using for this investigation, for the business environment implementation of security and risk management issues is associated with their data. Numerous organizations are migrating to the cloud computing, these organization are in initial stage of the migration process. Organizations initially need to know about the security and risk management issues when they are adopting the cloud service. Migrating to the cloud service is more beneficiary to the organizations at the same time problems also included in this migrating process.
The cloud computing technology will be studied with the focus on the security issues relating to the three different types of cloud systems, namely the hybrid cloud the private cloud and the public cloud. The risks in migrating data to the cloud system will also be studied with the possible…
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