Business Environment Of The Global Market

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Mehmet Geyik Professor Bedi IBS 240 International Management 5/16/2015 In this project, a feasibility study for an organization that aspires to enter the global market is conducted. In this paper is an overview of the organization and the objectives with which the feasibility study aims to achieve. The business environment of the country to which the corporation aspires to enter as the global market is analyzed to ascertain its suitability. In this paper also are the challenges and opportunities for the organization that are available in the global market that is analyzed. Basically, this paper analyzes the viability of the corporation entering the specified global market and thereafter a decision on whether or not to enter the global market is made based on the findings of the analysis. It is worth noting that the information for the organization used in this project is fictitious. The organization reviewed in this assignment is based in the United States and the global market it aspires to enter is the Brazilian market. The organization is a Real Estate Investment Trust. It focuses on industrial warehousing, logistics services, and property management. The organization is relatively large with over 100 employees. The organization is owned by shareholders. Though the organization undertakes provides several types of services for income, the main source of income for the organization is rent from the real estate investments. 75% of the total income for the
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