Business Environment, Politics And Culture

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After spending nine months in three continents: America, Asian and Europe, I had the opportunity to learn about each continent business environment, politics and culture by immersing myself in three different countries. I had acquired knowledge on economic, international negotiation, international finance and international business concepts. I also strengthened my ability to adapt to new situations and new cultures through interacting with different people around the world, which helped me earn exceptional interpersonal skills. Nevertheless, my internship allowed me to submerge myself in the African continent and also enable me to have a stronger perception about the economy of Africa and its business environment. This experience was a bonus for my global knowledge.

After nine months of studying, I was finally going to obtain a real work experience in a non-profit organization. I was filled with enthusiasm to finally integrate theoretical knowledge, learned in class, in the real work environment. My first days of internship were full of stress, as I wanted to make a good first impression on my supervisor. I met the team with whom I will be working during the next four months and I was introduced to my responsibilities and duties. CCAfrica, being an organization focusing on Africa, was the best place for an internship for me. I have a broad knowledge about the continent and thought it will enhance my experience. During the four months, most of my duties were centered on…
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