Business Environment of China France Hongkong Essay

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Part 1 Evaluation of Koyo Jean’s Environmental
1.1Introduction P.3
1.2 Environmental audit of current markets in China, Hong Kong, and France P.3-5
1.2.1 Executive Summary P.3
1.2.2 Fashion industry life cycle and the current position of the three countries P.4
1.3 SWOT and TOW S Analysis for Koyo Jeans in the three countries analysed P.5

Part 2 Drivers to Internationalisation
2.1 Motivation for Koyo Jeans entering emerging Markets P.6
2.2 Environmental Analysis in Brazil and India P.6
2.2.1 Findings on comparison between Brazil and India (PESTEL & 5Forces) P.6 PESTEL analysis P.6 Porter’s 5 Forces analysis P.6
2.3 Comparative,
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1.2 Environmental audit of current markets in China, Hong Kong, and France
1.2.1 Executive Summary
Base on the first assessment, refer to the PESTEL and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis (Appendix 6.1), the most attractiveness in China is the point of huge increasing population which have recorded 1,370,536,875 (National Bureau of Statistics of China 2012) on 2011. And as one of the BRIC countries, China has also recorded a 7.4% of GDP growth rate in 2012 (Trading Economics 2012), which is an evidence showing China is a strong emerging market. Regard to the technology used, China has relatively lower penetration rate than the other two countries. But operating business in China has a lower cost than the other two countries, example as the labour cost.

Hong Kong is a SAR (Special Administrative Region) of China; but the whole political system is not the same as China, and it can enjoy highly autonomy. The education, political, socio-culture all aspects show this city is favourable to have businesses in. Most attractive fact is the high penetration rate of internet users, as businesses can reach the customer widely.

France is the 5th worldwide in GDP 2012(Economy Watch 2012), and has a highest number
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