Business Environment of IHG Essay

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Introduction The impact of business environment on the current strategy of IHG is broad and one that calls for consistent attention. This means for IHG to keep up with the current markets its management is consistently engaged in measuring and readjusting its strategies and effectiveness to the market. Using PEST, SWOT and TOWS analysis this paper seeks to bring to light the position of the IHG today and its competitiveness in comparison to its peers in relation to its current strategy. IHG Pest Analysis IHG is consistently exposed to the adverse global political and economic risks arising from different financial markets that are inherently affected by inflation, recessions, credit fluctuations that could possibly lower income and…show more content…
To prevent such a scenario the group is pushed not only to advance its technology and facilities but also to as much observe the regulations to do with operations this includes security and fire safety. IHG heavily relies on particular systems and technologies for the day-to-day running of the business especially in areas of high integration to the processes of the business (Bowie, & Buttle, 2011). Failure in the technology would not only affect the systems but also go as far as affecting the business efficiency despite the continuity of the business. As stated earlier the group, forced to keep re investing in new technology not only to be competitive enough for its peers but also equally to be in position for the society. This however is not to say that technology is all the group needs it is still a possibility for the group investments to fail in being commercially successful mostly if the systems and the strategies not properly aligned to respond to the shifting business market. This would result in incurring of losses by the group. SWOT and TOWs analysis Strengths According to Enz, C. (2010) International Hotels Groups stands to date in position three in terms of largeness falling below Hilton Hotels and Marriot International. It stretches across all the major continents positioned in as many as a100 diverse countries Hurwitz, Bloor, Kaufman, & Halper, F. (2010) states
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