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Assignment 5
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1. To make the recommendations, it is first necessary to understand the product that Otis Trains is selling. It is selling high quality, detailed, small batch train sets that are targeted towards affluent makes in the 30 to 50 ages bracket. For this market, we can assess the Order Winners, Order Qualifies, and Order Losers. Quality | Order Winners | Price | Order Qualifies | Lead time (to delivery) | Order Winners/ Order losers (if too long) | Availability | Order Qualifies | Variety | Order Winners |

From this analysis, it is evident that price, while important, is not critical. While important, it is not consistent with the requirements of the customer. More importantly, we must consider
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2. a) Process flow chart for three Warehouses: operation- produce the eyeglass frames / storage- finished goods inventory / decision- make a decision as to where we should ship the frames / transportation – move the frame to one of the three warehouses / storage- store the frames in the warehouse. / operation - receive the order from the customer / decision – decide which warehouse will be used to ship out the order. / operation - pick, pack, and prepare to ship the order./ transportation – ship the order.
Process flos for the centralized warehouse: operation – produce the eyeglass frames. / storage – finished goods inventory. / transportation – move the frame to the centralized warehouse. / storage – store the frames in the warehouse. / operation- receive the order from the customer, pick, pack, and prepare to ship the order. / transportation – ship the order.
b) There are several issues that must be addressed to answer this question. The first is that of who the critical customer is. Remember that we are dealing with a chain of customers going from the purchasing agent to the eyeglass doctor. Once you have identified the critical customer, you next have to determine what it is hat they want from your frame facility. This means identifying the order winners, order qualifiers, and order losers. It may be that we are dealing with customers are more interested
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